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Primary election runoff results

Images by AndrewWhite.com and LupeValdez.com

Democrats and Republicans alike showed up to the polls on Tuesday to elect candidates to run in the November election for State Representative and Governor.

The election results, as reported by the Office of the Secretary of State, for Kerr County are as follows.


RACE: U.S. Representative District 21

Joseph Kopser- DEMOCRAT- 485 total county votes, 53.65%

Mary Street Wilson- DEMOCRAT- 419 total county votes, 46.34%

Matt McCall- REPUBLICAN- 1,901 total county votes, 57.10%

Chip Roy- REPUBLICAN- 1,428 total county votes, 42.89%

RACE: Governor

Lupe Valdez- DEMOCRAT- 362 total county votes, 40.26%

Andrew White-DEMOCRAT- 537 total county votes, 59.73%

The Office of Secretary of State announced the primary results for Texas as well.

RACE: U.S. Representative District 21

Joseph Kopser- DEMOCRAT- 14,706 total statewide votes, 57.95%

Mary Street Wilson- DEMOCRAT- 10,667 total statewide votes, 42.04%

Matt McCall- REPUBLICAN- 16,181 total statewide votes, 47.33%

Chip Roy- REPUBLICAN- 18,000 total statewide votes, 52.66%

RACE: Governor

Lupe Valdez- DEMOCRAT- 230,467 total statewide votes, 53.32%

Andrew White- DEMOCRAT- 201,713 total statewide votes, 46.67%

The next election will be held on November 6, 2018.