Opinion/Video: How can I get my neighbors to stop threatening us and blocking my driveway?

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Dear Editor,

My name is Faith Grissom. I live at — — Camino Real in Kerrville, TX. I live at the back of a property. I share a driveway with three other neighbors. So there’s a total of four trailer houses here.

We are being blocked from two neighbors from letting us use our driveway. They have put chairs out and sat in them so I can’t get home.

They (my neighbors) have called the cops on us for burning, which we can, so the cops say we are fine.

On June 11th, 2018, we were having a cook-out at my house. My neighbor caused a scene, cursed at my boyfriend and threatened him. But finally left. Cops were called out by the landlord. So they took statements and I followed the officers out to go to the store. I was gone 10 minutes, came back and they blocked the driveway with their truck.

I got scared so I backed out to lady’s across the street. As she is walking over, I ask them if they would, my boyfriend is coming around them. They all charge at him and *** goes to punch him in the face, misses and busts out the window in the truck.

So ***, my boyfriend goes back to the house. Cops come and take a report, and are here until almost 11pm. We have been told that if we use the driveway we will be stabbed, or even worse, killed.

So, all I am wanting is to be able to use my driveway and live in peace where I am.

Thank you,

Faith Grissom

Picture Credit: Faith Grissom
Picture Credit: Faith Grissom
Picture Credit: Faith Grissom
Picture Credit: Faith Grissom
Picture Credit: Faith Grissom