2 years since Kerrville girl gets bitten by shark

It was two years ago yesterday, on June 14th, 2016, when a little girl from Kerrville named Marin’s life changed. She was bitten by a shark near Pirates Beach in Galveston Texas.

The Galveston County Health District EMS said then that Marin suffered “Significant soft tissue damage to a leg.” The attack occurred at around 5:30pm.¬†Officials suspected that the shark was trying to eat smaller fish and mistakenly bit in to her leg.

Marin’s mother, Jenni Hudson Marin, posted in the Kerrville Breaking News Facebook Group late last night about her experience with her daughter and how life is now for the family. Here is what the post said.


At the time of the attack, there had only been 17 shark attacks in Galveston in the past 105 years, according to the Galveston County Health District EMS.