Alex Givens back in jail, charged with Online Solicitation of a Minor

Alex Givens, who was charged with Indecent Exposure in June 2018, has been arrested again, this time on a charge of Online Solicitation of a Minor, with the offense date listed as July 5th, 2018, according to Kerr County Jail Records.

We first reported on Givens on June 19th, 2018 in this article. He was charged with one count of Indecent Exposure on June 18th, 2018, which is a Class B Misdemeanor under Texas Law. He was released on a $1500 bond the next day.

This time Givens is in jail on a new charge, of Online Solicitation of Minor. Records show a bond of $25,000.

Local parent, Trish Roberts-Brown, took to Facebook on July 6th, 2018, with a Facebook post about Alex Givens that has received 341 shares at this time, and is warning the local parents of under-age girls. She alleges that Givens has sent inappropriate pictures and messages to numerous under-age girls, and is urging people to share her post about him. Here is the post.

Givens bond totals $39,500 with a string of other charges, on top of the Online Solicitation of a Minor Charge, including, KMC/ Ran Stop Sign, KMC/ No Driver’s License, Bandera Co/ Motion to Adjudicate-Assault Causing Bodily Injury FV, OFF Bond/Assault Family/Household Member and Off Bond/Indecent Exposure.

According to Westlaw, Online Solicitation of a Minor in Texas is a third-degree felony if the victim is over 14 years of age, and a second-degree felony if the victim is under 14 years of age.

HCBN will update you with developments with this case.

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