Local 18 year old aims to help young patients at Dell Children’s Hospital by gathering donated coloring books, crayons

Zack Reyna is an upcoming Tivy High School senior and has already accomplished many good deeds in his short and miraculous life. The young Kerrville man turned 18 on June 23 and is celebrating by asking for help from the community to reach his goal of collecting as many donated coloring books and boxes of crayons as he can for patients at Dell Children’s Hospital.

Dell Children’s Hospital¬†treats patients of all ages and holds a special place in Reyna’s heart. It is where he receives treatments for his Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM). AVM, as described by his mother Soyla, is a brain aneurysm that inoperable. Mrs. Reyna says that Zack was not supposed to live past age 9 but he has made it to 18 years old and they are blessed to still have him in their lives.

His mother also says, “Zack’s intentions are to bring a smile to those kids in the hospital. A huge thank you in advance [to those who are still wanting to give].”

Coloring books and crayons can be dropped off at Calvery Temple Church, located at 3000 Loop 534 in Kerrville. The donations Reyna gathers will be taken to the hospital this Sunday, July 15 when he goes in for his next treatment.