City of Fredericksburg informs residents of utility construction and street closures

As reported by the City of Fredericksburg on their Facebook page, lane closures will be in effect today in Fredericksburg on the 400 and 500 blocks of North Llano Street due to utility construction. The lane closure began at 3 AM on July 11 and is said to last until about 5 PM today. The city also mentioned that two-way traffic will remain at all times.

As well as the street closure mentioned above, due to the utility construction, the 600 block of South Eagle Street (from Highway Street to Cristol Drive) will be closed. The intersections of Highway/Eagle and Cristol/Eagle will remain open during this time and the closed street will reopen upon completion, expected around 4:30 PM today.

The City of Fredericksburg offered an apology for any inconvenience during the construction. For more information on the utility construction and lane closures, call the city at 830-997-7521.