Kerr County Sheriff’s office warns of scam complaint increase

Today, the Kerr County Sheriff’s office stated via Facebook that they are seeing an increase of reported scam calls to residents. They have said that the biggest scam complaint they have received involves construction/contractor scams.

The Sheriff’s office advises residents to get second opinions for construction jobs and to ask an inspector to verify any contractors you are using or thinking of using.

As warned by the Kerr County Sheriff’s office, “Residents are asked not to send out money, make money orders, buy gift cards or ‘ITune’ cards without verifying any requests.”

No loss of money, personal information or financial information has been reported for the majority of the complaints but the Sheriff’s office askes residents not to give any personal information out over the phone and to use good judgment when talking to anybody in person about products, services, or advertisements.

Kerr County residents can contact the Kerr County Sheriff’s office for more information or assistance at 830-896-1133.