Kerr County to offer county-wide recycling beginning this month

According to a press release by Kerr County, beginning July 27, 2018, recycling trailers will be placed in selected locations in order to allow Kerr County residents the opportunity to recycle easier.

“Kerr County would like to thank the City of Kerrville and the Alamo Area Council of Governments (AACOG) for the donation of this trailer,” says the Kerr County press release, “Due to the combined efforts of these agencies all residents of Kerr County will now have a convenient way to recycle.”

The recycling tray will be placed from Wednesday until the following Tuesday. Added by Kerr County is a schedule for each precinct.


  • 1st Wednesday of every month–Recycling Center former location–500 Hays Street, Kerrville, TX


  • 2nd Wednesday of every month–Lions Park, Center Point, TX


  • 3rd Wednesday of every month–Lions Park–Center Point, TX (location subject to change at a future date)


  • 4th Wednesday of every month–Hunt United Methodist Church–120 Merritt, Hunt, TX

The County also included a list of examples of allowed recycle items, as well as a list of items that will not be allowed in the recycle trailer.


Cardboard: cereal boxes, tissue boxes, soap bar boxes, paper towel rolls, soft drink
packaging, moving boxes, and product shipment boxes. No waxed or plastic coated
cardboard items.

Newsprint: newspaper and the inserts that come with it.

White paper: office and school notebook paper.

Mixed paper: mail, envelopes, colored paper, magazines, catalogues. No tissues or paper

Shredded paper: white paper cut up – must be placed in a plastic or brown bag.

Tin cans: metal cans and metal lids (labels do not have to be removed).

Aluminum products: cans, CLEAN foil and pie plates.

Plastics: #1, #2 and #5. Please rinse containers and remove lids from bottled items.

Plastics that cannot be recycled are: items larger than 2 feet by 2 feet, eating
utensils, razor handles, cups/containers with no recycle symbol, drink lids, six-pack
holders, straws, syringes, plastic window on cardboard, tooth brushes, toothpaste tubes
or any other tube-like material.

Drums, pails, paint cans or containers with chemicals or chemical residue
Glass and Styrofoam
Container and/or piping with chemical residue
Materials that may be classified as hazardous or toxic
Radioactive material or casings for radioactive materials
Items with dirt, concrete, sludge, free liquids, waste oil or used oil
Items containing explosive materials
Items containing asbestos
Items containing mercury
Sealed compressor units
Items that may contain cyanide
Used oil filters
Fluorescent light ballasts
Window glass
Televisions or computer monitors
Plastic grocery bags (may be taken to local grocery store for recycling)
Lawn care equipment

If anybody needs more information, Kerr County says to call your county commissioner at 830-792-2215.