KPD and KCSO issued press releases clarifying their involvement in the shooting of a resident’s dog

A couple of days ago a Kerrville resident took to Facebook accusing the Kerrville Police Department of unlawfully shooting his friend’s dog during a call to the residence. KPD and KCSO responded to the accusations by issuing separate press releases regarding the incident that occurred in the 200 block of Mae Drive in Kerr County.

Kerrville Police Department issued a statement on July 18 clarifying to the community that they were not involved in this incident and did not respond to a call at that location. They said that the incident occurred outside of the city limits and their jurisdiction.

Kerr County Sheriff’s Office released a statement today, July 20, saying that on July 18 at about 7:26 AM, Kerr County Sheriff deputies responded to a report of a disturbance in the 200 block of Mae Drive in Kerr County.

“While checking the residence, a pit bull dog attacked the deputy in an aggressive manner. The deputy shot and killed the dog. The deputy did not suffer any injuries during the attack. The dog’s owner was notified,” said KCSO in their press release.

They also reported that they contacted the Kerr County Animal control to have the dog removed but the dog’s owner declined the removal. KCSO said that it was unfortunate that this incident occurred.