Scam alerts issued for Kerrville and Uvalde by local police and sheriff departments

Scams have been plaguing the Hill Country and Kerrville and Uvalde have both issued statements on July 19, regarding the recent scams targeting their citizens.

KERRVILLE- Different phone scams and fraud attempts have been circulating throughout the area. The Kerrville Police Department reports of one scam in particular that involves an unknown male or female calling residents claiming that they are a representative of the IRS.

“The caller threatens the potential victim saying the IRS has filed a lawsuit for unpaid taxes and immediate action is required. The caller may threaten the potential victim stating there is a warrant for their arrest and immediate payment must be made or the local police will be called. A phone number is left for the victim to call, presumably to get access to funds. The phone numbers used are not local functioning phone numbers and you call may be sent to a relay phone line,” says KPD.

A relay phone line is described as a phone line where scammers are actively waiting to gather personal information from victims.

Another scam targeting citizens involves a person claiming that the victim has an outstanding account that they must pay to their account. The number given to the victim has been reported as a number with a San Antonio area code (210).

KPD tells the community to use caution when someone calls and asks for money claiming to be an employee with a government agency. Always ask for identification, their name or employee number, when receiving these calls to obtain validation.

The Kerrville Police Department can be reached at 830-258-1371 for additional information.

UVALDE– Uvalde Police Department tells their residents that scammers claiming to be from the Uvalde Police Department are calling people asking for monetary donations. UPD states that they would never call their residents to ask for any type of donations over the phone.

“We don’t want our residents to become victims of the current scam. Please share and make your family, friends, and neighbors aware to never provide personal information or make any kind of monetary payment to anyone suspicious over the phone.”

For more information about the above-mentioned scams, please contact your local police department.

The Uvalde Police Department advises residents to call their Communications Department at 830-278-9147.

On July 17, the Uvalde County Sheriff’s Office also warned residents that they have been receiving reports that many people have been getting phone calls from a person claiming to be with Bandera Electric Billing Department. The scammers are asking for an immediate required payment using gift cards and threaten to send out a technician immediately to cut off your electricity.

Deputies confirmed with Bandera Electric Representatives who confirmed to them that they never take payments using gift cards.

The Uvalde County Sherrif’s Office can be reached by phone at 830-278-3415