Stage 1 water restrictions set for Kerrville

As of 12:01 AM today, the City of Kerrville has invoked a Stage 1 water restriction for residents within the city limits. The city has issued this water restriction to save 2.5 million gallons per day from the Guadalupe River, where 80% of Kerrville’s water comes from.

The Stage 1 water restrictions are a set schedule of allowed times for landscape and lawn watering with hose-end sprinklers or automatic irrigation systems from 6 AM- 10 AM and from 8 PM- 12 AM on Tuesday and Saturday for the street address that end in an odd number and Wednesday and Sunday for even number street addresses.

The city notes that in Stage 1, hand-held hose landscape watering is allowed every day at any time for all addresses.

The city also says that they offer three free water conservation items, which can be picked up at City Hall, for its water customers. These items include:

  • Soil Moisture Meter- This can help determine when to water your grass and plants. It assists in not overwatering.

    Sprinkler/ Rain Gauges- The gauge determines how much it has rained recently or how much water your sprinklers are giving your yard.

  • Toilet Leak Detector Tablets- If the tablet is placed inside the toilet’s tank, the color in the bowl will appear blue if the toilet is leaking.

Added as a reminder from the city, they are still offering a $75 rebate for water customers who change from a high-flow toilet to a low-flow toilet. Click here for the application and more information on the rebate.

Along with their implementation of the Stage 1 water restrictions, they announced that the Kerrville Sports Complex has joined Tivy High School, Comanche Trace Golf Course, and Scott Shreiner Golf Course in irrigating entirely by reuse water from the Kerrville Reuse Water Storage Facility. They said, as well, that Schreiner University and the Riverhill golf course are also working toward completing their reuse irrigation systems, said to be completed later this summer.

By visiting the City of Kerrville website and looking under Water Restrictions, residents can view the Water Management Plan.

For additional information about the Stage 1 water restriction, contact Stuart Cunyus, the City of Kerrville Public Information Officer at 830-258-1116.