Franke pleads “Not Guilty” to two counts of murder for Hawkins toddler deaths

An arraignment was held on Thursday, August 2, for Kevin Franke who has been charged with two counts of murder in connection with the 2017 toddler deaths of Brynn Hawkins and Addyson Overguard-Eddy.

During the arraignment, it has been confirmed by District Attorney Lucy Wilke that Franke pleaded “not guilty” to the charges against him.

It has been reported that during the arraignment, Joe Gonzales, Franke’s lawyer, filed a motion to withdraw his services. It was said that he filed this motion due to the wishes of Franke and his family.

Judge N. Keith Williams reportedly approved the motion. Due to this, a new attorney will be appointed to Franke’s case.

The two felony murder charges are because, according to the indictment, Franke allegedly “did not voluntarily deliver the children to a designated emergency infant care provider.” It is said that after he went to the car to sleep, he rolled up the windows and turned off the car. This is said to have caused the deaths of the two young girls.

Franke’s trial is scheduled for January 22.

Amanda Hawkins, the mother of the two girls, has a trial date of September 24. She has been indicted on two counts of abandoning a child, causing imminent danger or death, bodily injury or physical or mental impairment, as well as two counts of injury to a child, recklessly causing serious bodily injury or serious mental deficiency.

As more information on these two cases becomes available, HCBN will release additional details.