Stolen Boerne truck found to be transporting undocumented immigrants in Hebbronville

It has been reported by the U.S. Border Patrol that a vehicle, stolen out of Boerne, Texas, was found on August 3 on highway 359 in Hebbronville, Texas containing over 20 undocumented immigrants.

When agents noticed a gold truck with a registration that did not match the description of the truck, they attempted to pull the truck over. The truck reportedly veered off the road, drove through a gate and many of the immigrants attempted to evade officers.

The many immigrants fled on foot and others were found huddled up in the truck. All of them were arrested. It was said that the immigrants originated from many different countries including Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador, and India.

The Duval County Sheriff’s Office, with the help of air support agents, performed the pursuit and arrest of the immigrants and the gold truck was turned over to the Duval County Sherrif’s Office.