Fit-4-Life coming soon, geared toward those with diabetes, heart disease, and obesity

Are you looking to get healthier? The Fit-4-Life program at the Kerrville Kroc Center is accepting applications for those looking to press the restart button on their health.

This is a free program that is a social service provided through The Salvation Army of Kerrville, offered at the Kerrville Kroc Center. The Fit-4-Life program focuses on those with existing medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity by providing exercise with a Certified Personal Trainer.

“The Fit-4-Life program is an intensive, life-changing program, for those looking to change,” says The Salvation Army.

Participants will learn how to grocery shop healthier, read nutrition labels, healthy cooking, as well as many other things.

Past graduates of Fit-4-Life have experienced weight loss of 50 pounds, 80 pounds, and over 100 pounds and some have had their prescription medications reduced by 50%, according to The Salvation Army.

The program is set to begin in early September. To participate, applications can be picked up at the Kerrville Kroc Center at 201 Holdsworth Drive. If you would like more information, contact Lance Wilke, Fitness Coordinator, at 830-315-5764 or email him at