KISD proposes bond totaling $88.9 million to be voted on during November election

A bond of $88,960,000 has been proposed for election for Kerrville ISD and will be voted on during the next election on November 6, 2018.

The bond package was developed during an in-depth process which involved over 80 citizens and took one year to complete. A survey was also published by KISD in June to see the community’s feedback on the potential bond.

It is said on the KISD Bond website that the bond will allow for upgrades and renovations to all KISD campuses to improve the safety and security, the aging infrastructures, it will allow for handicap accessibility upgrades and a replacement facility for Hal Peterson Middle School.

The proposed district-wide improvements include the following:

  • Secured entry vestibules
  • Additional security camera
  • Additional exterior lighting
  • Lockdown hardware
  • Updated fire alarm systems
  • Additional fencing
  • Increased handicap accessibility measures (ramps, door levers, signage, restrooms, ect.)
  • Replace aging roofs, HVAC systems, electrical and plumbing
  • Resolve drainage and flooring around buildings
  • Sidewalk and foundation repairs
  • New covered walkways
  • Interior finish upgrades
  • Technology infrastructure upgrades
  • Capability to support 21st Century learning initiatives

Under the “Bond Background” description on the website, it says, “Tally ES and Tivy HS are the newest KISD facilities, built about 15 years ago. All other campuses are 70 to 31 years old. These aging campuses do not have secured entry vestibules to control visitor access and do not meet current building codes, classroom size requirements and handicap accessibility requirements. Most mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems are original to the buildings.”

Hal Peterson Middle School, in particular, is said to have several issues with the campus, which include, according to the bond proposal details:

“Safety: multiple detached buildings and classrooms opening to the exterior, no secured entry, outdated electrical, fire systems, traffic hazards/ site restrictions at Sydney Baker/ Hwy 16,

Accessibility: equal access needed throughout to address ramps, doorways, door hardware and fixtures

Aging Infrastructure: Complete replacement of roofs, HVAC units, electrical panels, plumbing, and sidewalk and foundation repairs.”

As stated by KISD, the current Hal Peterson Middle School was built in the early 1960’s and was originally Tivy High School with a few renovations and additions added only a few times, in 1967, 1981, and 2005.

“Projected cost to renovate the existing facility is 80-85% the value to construct new.”

A new Hal Peterson Middle School is proposed to be built on Veterans Highway, across from Tivy High School.

Although the district hasn’t finalized an exact location for a new agriculture facility, they feel that a new agriculture facility is needed, citing that the current facility they use has multiple deficiencies when it comes to safety, security, an aging roof, electrical system, and ventilation and heating. They add that it is also undersized for the activities and students that use the facility.

The issues and improvements were determined by a Comprehensive Facilities Assessment which was commissioned by the district in 2016 and 2017. The assessment by PBK Architects and Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) Facility Services, brought the attention to the general conditions and deficiencies of the KISD facilities.

Also, an assessment was made to highlight the current and long-term needs of the district. The assessment was established and presented by the CFAC and it was recommended to the KISD Board of Trustees for the bond amount to be $88.9 million.

If the bond passes in the upcoming election, “the estimated tax impact of the bond is anticipated to be 6 cents for a total rate of $1.24. For the average KISD home value of approximately $208,000, this represents an increase of $11.00 per month.”

To see how your personal tax will be impacted by the proposed bond package, divide the taxable value of your property, excluding homestead exemptions, by 100. Multiply that number by .06 and this will show the annual impact of the proposed bond.

Voting is set for November 6, 2018. However, early voting begins on October 22 until November 2.

To vote, be sure you are registered to vote in the state of Texas. To check if you are registered, visit The State of Texas voting website. There you will also find the voting locations for your precinct for the upcoming election.