Opinion: Vehicles zoom past school buses that are loading and unloading children

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Dear HCBN,

Yesterday morning at about 6:07 my two children, in 1st and 2nd grade, were boarding the on the corner of Bandera Hwy and The Woods, bus #10 of Kerrville ISD. While the bus was stopped, red lights flashing and stop sign out a vehicle goes speeding past. The bus driver called out to me “Did you see that? Happens all the time!” As soon as he finished saying that a second vehicle, a white pickup truck was passing the bus. I yelled out “Hey” as loud as I could, waving my arms and the truck stopped (about 10 feet in front of the bus already) and backed up. After the bus left the driver of the white pickup pulled over, rolled down his window saying “I thought it was a garbage truck” and then Ponting his finger at me angrily yelling at me saying “don’t you ever yell at me again dude!” in a very threatening manner. As I was afraid this man would jump out of his vehicle and assault me at any moment I walked away as quickly as I could.

What gives people the idea that 1) it’s ok to pass a school bus with young children boarding and 2) that it’s alright to yell and threaten people that are concerned for the safety of children? Will the Kerr county sheriffs office address this issue?

Written by Tim Price

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