Reported gas leaks in Kerrville, Bandera have been repaired without injury

Two gas leaks were reported this week, one in Kerrville on Monday, and another in Bandera on Tuesday.

After speaking with Atmos Energy’s media contact the following details were learned about each leak.

In Kerrville, on Monday, August 27, there was a 3-inch line damaged by a 3rd party contractor unrelated to Atmos Energy. 3 homes were evacuated during this leak and the gas flow was eliminated around 1:45 PM. Final repairs were completed by 4 PM. It was reported by Atmos Energy that service was lost to 5 homes but were all restored during the same afternoon. No injuries were reported and the only damage was to the Atmos Energy facilities.

Yesterday, Tuesday, August 28, in Bandera, it was said that a 3rd party contractor, not related to Atmos Energy, hit a 3/4 inch service line. It was repaired quickly.

HCBN would like to thank Atmos Energy for their assistance in getting updated information to the area residents.