Three children found with Methamphetamine in their system, mother arrested and charged

Christina Durham, age 33, was arrested in Kerr County on November 1, 2018, after Kerr County Sheriff’s Office Investigators received information that she was putting her children in unsafe conditions.

A news release from the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office says that after investigators made contact with Durham, she consented to a search of her residence. The search yielded illegal narcotics and liquid Methamphetamine. The items found at the residence were sent to the Department of Public Safety Crime Laboratory where they were tested.

The children in the residence, ages 8, 9, and 11, were removed from the home by Child Protective Services. The release adds that the children had Methamphetamine in their system when a medical check was performed while they were in state custody.

Based on the evidence found at the residence and the presence of drugs in the children’s system, Durham was charged with three counts of Endangering a Child. She was taken to Kerr County Jail and has posted her surety bonds of $20,000 for each charge.