Fayette County Sheriff Deputy in critical condition after being shot in line of duty

LA GRANGE, TX – 32 year old Fayette County Sheriff Deputy, CJ Lehmann, is in critical condition in an Austin hospital after sustaining a gunshot wound last night while serving in the line of duty.

KTIM-FM 98.1 reports that “CJ, along with other Fayette County Deputies were assisting La Grange Police Department in apprehending a wanted felon who had just assaulted a La Grange PD Officer.”

Since CJ had a ballistic vest on, he volunteered to enter a building of the fugitive first, by breaching a door. CJ was then shot in the face with a shotgun.

According to KTIM-FM 98.1, “Fayette County Sheriff’s Office Lt. David Breyer said Friday that Lehmann lost sight in one eye, and doctors were working to save the other eye.”

“Anyone who would like to assist CJ financially may make a contribution to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Memorial and Benevolent Society. In the “For” section, please put “CJ”. All funds received for CJ will go directly to him to assist him financially. CJ is a single dad with three daughters.”

“Donations for the Fayette County Sheriff’s Memorial and Benevolent Society may be sent to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office, C/O FCSMBS, at 1646 N. Jefferson St, La Grange, TX 78945.”

Please keep Deputy Lehmann and his family in your prayers.